Upper Mary River catchment Resource assessment and degradation survey.

This CD is for anyone interested in learning more about the land resources of the Upper Mary River catchment. The objectives of this project were to map, describe and evaluate the land, identify significant vegetation habitats and assess the potential degradation in the area. This information provides a comprehensive basis on which to plan and achieve sustainable resource management, conservation and development in the Upper Mary River catchment. Information describing and assessing the landforms, soil and vegetation is provided in a series of interactive maps, viewing the full report or exploring the spatial data through ARC-Explorer.

Fire information resource for the VRD was produced for the Tropical Savannas CRC. For more information check these links.




Land Resources of the Alice Springs Area

This CD is for anyone interested in learning more about land resources of the Alice Springs area. Resource Assessment and Resource Information is provided on the land and vegetation types, satellite imagery and other relevant information assists in the understanding of land resources of the Alice Springs area. You can access a series of Interactive Resource Maps and find a range of information about Land Management Issues such as preventing erosion and the threat of exotic weeds.
Technology for land management.

In the highly dynamic environment of the modern pastoral industry it makes sense to take advantage of the latest management tools to assure your long term profitability and sustainability.

This CD presents some of the technological tools and techniques available for land managers today.