Specialised in the development of multimedia products for presenting land resource information. By presenting complex inter-related spatial and descriptive information in a CD-rom format I have been able to use non-linear navigation, searchable data base techniques, video, animation and 3D visualisation to make information and education accessible. It is vital that land resource information reaches managers on the ground; information must become understanding before it will become action.

Web page design for a range of enviornmenal and research projects.

I have developed a variety if CD-Rom based educational video presentations describing land resource processes, research and management issues for government, schools and aboriginal land managers.

Animated landscape and process visualisation creates instant interest /understanding for a viewing audience. In a wide variety of contexts, as a still image map or a dynamic animation, this type of landscape information visualisation effectively breaks down communication barriers, its application is limited only by your imagination.

These include a range of spatial linked land resource reports and maps as well as a range of training and education products.