I have been working with satellite imagery for land resource mapping and monitoring for over fifteen years. Presented here are some example out comes of some of this work.

I am currently involved in a major international project using satellite imagery for fire monitoring in Eastern indonesia. This project builds on activities underway in northern Australia and western Indonesia on the causes and impacts of landscape fires and extends these activities to sites in eastern Indonesia. Field sites have been established in Sumba and Flores. Fires are being monitored and mapped in these areas, and alternative fire management practices will be investigated and demonstrated. Policies relating to the use of fire in land management will be reviewed for northern Australia and Indonesia.


I am regularly contracted to undertake satellite based fire mapping for the Top-End. This work resulted in the publication of a paper based on work done in the Kalumburu region of the east Kimberly. Patterns of landscape fire and predicted vegetation response in the North Kimberley region ofWestern Australia.

Looking back was originally published in 1992 to present the results of the Australian Case Study for International Space Year (1992). The case study involved the use of satellite data to detect, interpret and communicate changes in the landcover of the Australian continent that occurred between 1972 and 1992.

It was designed as a "coffee table" book to demonstrate the beauty and power of satellite images of Earth. Readers are introduced to the principles of interpreting satellite data to explore the history of what happened on the ground during the Looking Back period.

The book is now out of print, but has been revised and reformatted and is presented here in World Wide Web style.